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12|February 2020 Fox Marble
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After the Great Recession, someone asked me, ‘What did you learn from it’? Well, number one, is fear! McLaughlin said, laughing. “Number two, diver- sification is very important, and that’s why we have four different legs (divisions) supporting the table, and why we separate man- agement and staff, but keep the divisions all under one corporate umbrella.
Slippery rock Gazette
 “But for us, the future is not custom, unfortunately. I love it, but there are just not enough peo- ple available. It’s not going to go away; it’s just not going to grow anymore. Our future growth will be in manufacturing, specialty services and distribution. I see great growth in thin, large for- mat, ultra-compact materials, and those who choose to learn it will do well, and those who don’t, will regret it.
“One final thing. Having a pas- sion for what you do will lead
you to success. What’s the old expression: ‘Do what you love and the money will follow’? We have a great industry, and it’s going to continue to morph, but it’s always going to be here, and if you are passionate about it, you will always have a future. But pay attention!”
For more information on Fox Marble, its partners, products, and services visit and www.evolv
Below: Surface polishing production: part of hand-finishing to perfection, and maintaining the highest level of quality at the Fox Hensley manufacturing plant in Richmond, California. Fox Hensley produces finished jobs for large accounts, like the vani- ties (above) ready to ship out.
      Washington Park train station features durable and beautiful Neolith cladding. Below: Neolith Iron Series – a 6mm custom & unique blend for the Chase Center. Both projects were sourced from Evolv Surfaces.
Train Station Photo Courtesy Neolith®
Photos (2) by Henry Guerro
   The Fox Hensley fabrication team is the core of the commercial production side of the business.
Photo by Lawrence Lauterborn
  Photo by Misha Bruk

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