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16|February 2020 Slippery rock Gazette
  Viper 7-Step Granite Diamond Wet Polishing Pads
The Brand with More BITE!
Viper 3-Step Dry Polishing Pads
Viper 7-Step Quartz Diamond Wet Polishing Pad
     Viper Granite and Quartz
   Viper Quartz and ES Side Cut
Quartzite, Ultra Compact Surfaces (UCS), Marble, Quartz, & Granite
From Blades, to Pads, to Core Bits,
the Viper Product Line Covers Every Surface
The NEW Species of Viper Blades and Core Bits
Viper Porcelain
Viper Ultra Compact Surfaces
BEST Service! BEST Rates!
     Viper Venom Quartzite
BEST Brands! BEST Guarantee!

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