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Slippery rock Gazette
Indiana Limestone Vs. Concrete
Stone Restoration and Maintenance Corner
M3 Technologies
February 2020|29
     One of the biggest fallacies surrounding Indiana limestone is that it’s much more expensive than concrete products. Caps, patio and walls in Full Color BlendTM.
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Limestone Goes the Distance
The Biltmore Estate. Empire State Building. The Pentagon. What do all of these great American structures have in com- mon? You guessed it: they’re made of limestone.
In fact, George Vanderbilt had Indiana Limestone deliv- ered directly to the Asheville, NC building site to create the Biltmore’s grand facade in the late Nineteenth Century. It’s es- timated that about 5,000 tons of
Indiana Limestone was shipped in total from that quarry and 120 years later, the elegant facade continues to greet thousands of visitors each year.
Natural stone is natural stone. Even if it begins to wear away generations from now, Indiana limestone is the same all the way through.
So, let’s face it, Indiana lime- stone — which came into the ring an unapologetic underdog — has pinned concrete to the mat and showed just what makes a champ in the hardscape arena.
M3 Technologies TX Triple Thick discs are designed for grinding, honing and polishing marble, limestone, onyx, terrazzo, and similar hard materials. The Majestic 13-inch Heavy Duty Floor Machine is an excellent small-footprint polisher for maintenance.
    The famed Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC has been looking good in limestone for 120 years.
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The M3 Technologies dia- mond line is comprised of several metal-bond series, for various situations and materials in this business. The ELF series flexible electroplated discs are available in 3, 4, 5 and 7-inch sizes for floor machines, edge machines, and hand tools. These are some of my favorite metal-bond series diamonds, and are great for lip- page removal and most any heavy stock removal project. They are available in 40/50 grit to 600 grit.
As for rigid metal discs, M3 Technologies offers LT3 Lippage Removal Discs, which have bev- eled/curved edges for softening the transition into the high tiles. M3 Toolip metal-bonds are great for most any stone, terrazzo, or concrete project and will cut fast and have good life. Last but not least, M3 Magnum discs are a staple for heavy duty grinding. The Magnum series is available in 3 segment for the removal of coatings and 8 segment for heavy grinding with a consistent scratch profile.
M3 Technologies, stocks all of the accessories that you will need to effectively implement all of these products for the restoration and maintenance of natural stone,
terrazzo, ceramic tile, and deco- rative concrete surfaces. More importantly, M3 has the expertise to give you the technical support you not only expect but deserve. This is all we do. Our focus is entirely on this subject and this subject alone.
As always, I recommend sub- mitting a test area to confirm both the results and the procedure prior to starting a stone or hard surface restoration or maintenance proj- ect. Also the best way to help en- sure success is by partnering with a good distributor, like Braxton- Bragg, that knows the business.
Majestic Low-Odor Impreg- nating Sealer was developed for porous stone like marble, which is commonly used in bathrooms.
They can help with technical sup- port, product purchase decisions, logistics, and other pertinent proj- ect information.
Bob Murrell has worked in the natural stone industry for over 40 years and is well known for his ex- pertise in natural stone, tile and decorative concrete restoration and maintenance. He helped de- velop some of the main products and processes which revolution- ized the industry, and is currently the Director of Operations for M3 Technologies.

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