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May 2020|13
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Judges Comments:
Excellent in all four criteria. Unique, individualized expres- sion in a vertical plane. Bas- relief is impressive with its expression of a sense of place, a sense of land forms. Great ap- preciation for the artistic hand of the sandblaster. If the wall makes me want to touch it, it is meaningful and successful.
Award of Excellence
Conceptually, the idea of the feature wall was to simulate if a slice of a canyon was extracted and displayed.
The sculptural windswept finish on the feature wall was as much a process as an idea. It all revolved around knowing that a specific expression was desired. With this in mind, the blocks were selected for uniformity to mirror the tectonic intersections found in nature. Sandblasters un- dertook the carving of the stone the same way a sculp- tor would. They carefully raked each panel in an un- dulating motion, creating a wave effect very similar to what Mother Nature does over centuries.
Time was taken transition- ing from panel to panel to create the continuity needed for a continuous flow. Dramatic lighting is used
to highlight the sculpted stone, capturing the relief and detail of the surface. The result: a hybrid of dig- itally developed modeling and hand-finished circum- stance that bridges the line between natural and com- puter-generated form.
The design was modified with the addition of a logo wall, which was also care- fully accomplished. The logo was designed to be disguised within the pan- els, only revealing itself when caught by the metic- ulous eye of visitors. As a result, the vibrant stone was crafted into one of the cen- ter’s most integral design features. Fusing nature and urbanity, the captivating stone allows visitors to ex- perience a microcosm of the beautiful desert landscape native to the university’s home.
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As a homage to its home in the southwest desert, a 40 foot by 10 foot metaquartzite feature wall greets visitors in the lobby. This wall largely pays tribute to two signifi- cant women, Ambassador Barbara McConnell Barrett and Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, for whom the center is named.
 Washington Center A
rizona State University’s
is a historic building located just two blocks from the White House and is home to various ASU programs and research facilities.

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