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Christ Cathedral
Garden Grove, California
The task of reinventing Christ Cathedral in Garden Grove, California was led by a desire for a clean modern look with materials that would be fitting for a building of such importance.
The scale of the project also required materials that would be durable and cost effective. Natural limestone and marble were the clear choices. Four types of limestone and two types of marble were extensively used throughout the sprawling sanctuary area. The walls and cap surrounding the sanctuary consist of 6,500 square feet of Thala Gray limestone from Tunisia, assembled in contiguous columns of various geometric shapes, each comprised of three pieces separated by 1/32-inch joints and meticulously matched for color and tone to achieve a monolithic look.
On the 18,000 square feet of sanctuary floor, Grigio Alpi limestone from Italy makes up the majority, providing a pleasing natural background to the dark wood pews. Fossil Grey limestone from Turkey and Jura Grey limestone from Germany add accents to the paving around the altar and in the areas of the adoration chapel, main entrance, and baptismal font.
Transforming this building into a cathedral are the ec- clesiastical furniture pieces made from Breccia Atlantic Grey marble from Turkey, which include a 14,000 pound altar with its top assembled into one solid piece using four 8-inch thick diamond matched panels, a cantilevered 7,000 pound ambo assembled from 6-inch thick shaped panels, a
 Award of Excellence
 Judges Comments:
The contemporary use of stone in the redefinition of this Cathedral is award-worthy. Particular favorites of the jury were the ambo and the altar due to their massive nature that appears light. The fabrication and installation of these elements required significant tal- ent and expertise. The stone has a luminosity that adds a focus to a very large space with other materiality.
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Natural Stone Institute Member Company
Carnevale & Lohr, Inc Bell Gardens, California Stone Contractor
Other Project Team Members
Catholic Diocese of Orange
Johnson Fain
Architect Designer
Grassi Pietre Srl Piero Zanella Srl MarmiMar
Stone Suppliers
Trade International Stone Consultant Custom Building Products Installation Products
Thala Grey limestone Grigio Alpi limestone Jura Grey limestone Fossil Grey limestone Breccia Atlantic Grey marble Arabescato Cervaiole marble
        cross shaped baptismal font, and an 11,000 pound cathedral chair framed by a wall of Arabescato Cervaiole marble from Italy.
Mixed with abundant natural light from the glass walls and ceil- ing, this stone interior has an almost ethereal look to it and stands as a testament to what is possible with natural stone. The beauty, durability, and flexibility of natural stone as a building material are all evident on this project. Please turn to page 19
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