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         22|May 2020 Pinnacle Slippery rock Gazette
645 Fifth Avenue, Olympic Tower
New York, New York
Award of Excellence
           Natural Stone Institute Member Company
Continental Marble Bohemia, New York Stone Contractor
Other Project Team Members
MdeAS Architects
Stone Consultant
Euromarble Srl Urmal Stone Stone Suppliers
Basaltite Calacatta Caldia marble Mocha Crème limestone
Judges Comments:
The panel deformations of the limestone walls and the use of contrasting banding of white marble within the darker basaltite floors create a project that looks effortless but is difficult to execute. Impressed by the coordination by the installer, considering the structure needed for the stone wall cladding, along with man- aging stone from multiple origins around the world.
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destination worthy of its Fifth Avenue location. Inspired by the client’s goal for increased visibil- ity and openness, the team designed a lighter, more welcoming environment
by incorporating stone that emphasizes simplicity while creating a powerful aesthetic statement.
Mocha Crème limestone clads the lobby walls, re- placing dark granite. The limestone was extracted from Lisbon, Portugal and was selected for its warmth and understated yet consis- tent veining.
The wall achieved its dimensional appearance through a design that is as precise as it is unique, a contemporary approach to manufacturing that tests the limits of today’s technol- ogies. Each slab was fab- ricated with a 5 axis CNC machine allowing rotation and sculpting from all an- gles. The stone was then meticulously sanded by hand to accomplish the del- icate and intricate details.
Challenged with sup- porting 200,000 pounds of limestone onto the building structure without loading on the floor, the design
team created a truss system to allow for a seamless in- stallation process. Because of the variety of shapes and program elements, the steel truss was not uniform, yet it had to carry a consistent load. Independent from the superstructure, the struc- tural system transferred the load directly to the building, supporting the weight of the stone without adding any additional loads.
The basaltite floor is acti- vated with white Calacatta Caldia marble inserts, creating a path reminis- cent of the ancient roads. Extracted from Carrara, Italy, the basaltite was se- lected for its durability and density which allowed for oversized panels needed to achieve the desired layout. The flooring complements the beige walls and be- comes the base plane for a harmonious composition, tying the space together.
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space was transformed from a passageway to a
hrough the use of stone, Olympic Tower’s public
Superior GOLD GV-9 Knife Grade
making it perfect for vertical applications and hot/warm temperatures, while also reducing the chances of shadowing with translucent stones
Struck GOLD
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