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NSI Offers New Course:
Creating a Safety Plan in the Age of COVID-19
May 2020|25
Anew course enti- tled Creating a Safety Plan in the Age of COVID-19 has been added to the Natural Stone University. This course reviews suggested practices for pandemic response and business continuity and is designed to help companies create a plan for protecting employees while also pro- viding a productive work environment. This course is offered free to the industry.
Presenters are: Tamara Parris, Safety with a Purpose (Moderator); Leanne Coffman, The Safety Training Solution; Pedro Maciel, X-Factor of Safety; Steven Stelpflug, Wordwerks Consulting.
Overview: The COVID- 19 pandemic has changed
Signs of the Times
During the COVID-19 crisis, some people in Japan have resorted to pilfering toilet paper from public restrooms when the rolls became unavailable in stores.
One convenience store worker put the power of the supernatural to work against such thefts. Mink Itachibe, who works at a store in the Niigata pre- fecture, hung signs with images of eyes and kanji characters in front of the
the way we do business in the stone industry. This ses- sion will discuss COVID- 19 and how it impacts both workshop and front office employees. Review the suggested practices for pandemic response and business continuity. Come away with a plan for cre- ating a workplace that will help protect employees while also providing a pro- ductive work environment.
Learning Objectives:
• Discuss the COVID-19 virus and how a pandemic impacts the way we do business.
• Review suggested pan- demic management prac- tices and procedures.
• Learn about resources that are available to help businesses during this time.
• Create an emergency
action plan that will assist company in responding to infectious disease threats.
• Discuss business con- tinuity plans and their relevance in pandemic response.
This course is based on the Original Podcast Recording: Safety with a Purpose Podcast- SWP#14- COVID-19- Know Your Facts & Have a Safety Plan.
Many Natural Stone University safety training courses are available free to the industry.
For a full list of safety training titles, browse
And on the other side of the pond, you can add to the list of things not to leave in plain sight in your car: toilet paper.
Police in Eugene, Oregon, stated that on March 15, a thief shattered the entire back window of an SUV in order to get his mitts on two 30-roll cases of toilet paper, along with other valuables, the Blaze reported. “Anytime ve- hicles are left unattended for extended periods of time, local thieves view it as a favorable oppor- tunity,” police reminded Oregonians.
•2 Anti-static hoses •Crevice tool
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“The best doctor in the world is a veterinarian. He can’t ask his patients what’s the matter. He’s just got to know.”
–Will Rogers
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toilet paper to curse the tempting rolls. “I did it as a joke, but it seems to have worked,” she told CNN. The symbols imply that if someone nips TP from the store, a hungry monster will hunt them down and gobble them up. “People can be quite superstitious in Japan,” Itachibe said.
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