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Routers & Tooling

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Finally, The Predator Electric Edge Profiling Variable Speed Router that’s easy to use and doesn't need 220 volt power! It’s another design breakthrough using modern technology to make things simpler and more affordable.

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Stone Pro

Achieve A Perfect Chiseled, Rock Pitched Edge. The Beaver Pneumatic Rock Chisel machine from StonePro works on all types of stone, including granite, marble, and limestone.

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These high-quality profile wheels work faster & wear longer. Offered at better price than other leading brands! Try our patented, ground-breaking technology!

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Hercules Electric Routers carry the STRONGEST WARRANTY in the Stone Industry - 12 Months! Superior design, versatile, fast, safe, and equipped with the hydroplaning system.

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The Sinkmate System uses three separate tools for sink cutouts. The Chopper, Tracker & Bandit tools follow the same template, creating a very fast and accurate system for cutting your sink holes.


Flex LCP-1703-VR Planetary Gear Driven 3-Headed Polisher delivers the perfect speed for high performance grinding, honing and polishing of concrete, granite and marble.

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The PitBull BigDog Hydraulic Stone Chiseler by Omega has a five+ ton rated hydraulic piston providing more than enough power to shear through the hardest of stones.


The OMA Systems Antarex 3 cm Diamond Cutter Delivers a 6 Minute Sink Cutout! The Antarex cuts the full depth of the slab in one pass with a high speed sintered finger bit.

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This little template takes the guess work out of the equation when templating a stone sink cutout or doing radiuses on the edges of stone countertops.