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In-Line Machine

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Our Snail Lock Back-Up Pads come with a 5/8”-11 thread to adapt to most popular In-Line Machines. They work great with hand-held polishers and grinders. The breakaway design prevents damage to spindles.

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Viper Tooling for In-Line Machines is the best value for the money and offers a 5-Step Polishing System for a flawless polish and Antiquing Brushes for a "leathered look" finish. 

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GlossFire - Superabrasive Inc.

GlossFire ProEdge Polishing System is the ideal solution for any C-Frame, automated polishing machine. It's able to achieve a superior polish on the flat portion of the edge in 5 steps.

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Abrasive Technology

Straight-Edge Flat Edge In-Line Polishing Wheels have been engineered to eliminate workpiece end scratches and polish flat edges with a premium finish and quick, high-quality results.

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