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CNC Tooling

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Viper CNC tools run faster, last longer, and cost about 40% less than ADI. Featuring a 6mm layer of diamonds on each profile wheel.

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Talon Ravelli Style Incremental Cutting Finger Bit has a tall segment, soft bond, offers high-speed cutting, and is recommended by Park Industries.

Kremin Incorporated

Kremin Onyx CNC Tool Holders provide the artisan and stone fabricator with an unparalleled toughness and innovation that delivers cost savings and quality.

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Scorpion CNC Tools are the best "Bang For Your Buck". The Sink Wheels are vacuum brazed and can be used on all types of stone. Our Finger Bits offer fast cutting & longer life.

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Stone Pro

Stone Pro Honing-Polishing Head is spring loaded to insure an even pressure on the face of the stone.  This tool is used for honing or polishing stone surfaces.

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A line of KDrill CNC Core Bits and Blind Hole CNC Bits that will save you time and money! Get the CNC Core Bit that lasts longer and cuts faster!


The Zenesis Finger bit can be used to mill any hardness of granite and engineered stone. It is designed with a patented layered diamond technology that cuts aggressively without chipping.

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