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Saws & Fabrication Equipment

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The Raptor Aqua-Plate Rail Saw makes all other rail saws obsolete! Unlike conventional rail saws, the Raptor glides on a film of water, all but eliminating the chance of scratching the stone.

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RYE Corp

ONE machine does it all! The Fab King cuts sink holes, profiles edges, drills holes, polishes back splashes, and antiques, polishes, or hones surfaces.

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Waste to Value

Turn your stone scrap into cash with the Tomahawk! Cuts stone remnants into pavers, tiles, and other shapes. Combine with your imagination to create amazing designs! Save money, save the world!

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Edgemate 100 - The World's Best In-line Polisher. You can confidently polish backsplashes, bevels, seam dressing, grind back laminated build ups and tops with inside corners like your L-shape and bat wing tops.


Blue Ripper Rail Saws by Omega are powerful, light-weight, portable rail saws that make cutting granite countertops a breeze!

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Stone Cobbler

With the Original Stone Cobbler, you can stamp out that expensive waste by turning it into money-making pavers and tile.

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