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Materials Handling Equipment

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Stone Pro

Stone Pro Equipment Company knows the secret to developing the best tools for the stone industry because they're in the stone business just like you!

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Omni Cubed

Omni Cubed, Inc. is an engineering and design company providing high quality, innovative tooling for the stone fabrication industry.

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Hercules Materials Handling Equipment is constructed of American-Made Steel and fabricated by American craftsmen! Great quality products that are durable and safe for any shop.

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Abaco Machines

Abaco cups, clamps, and lifters get your slabs up and moving! They are specifically designed for the handling of stone slabs and sheets.

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Woods Power Grip

Wood's Powr-Grip Lifters come in both air-powered and manual styles–we have one for every budget, including yours! We even carry hand-held suction cups.

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Groves Incorporated

Groves offers a complete selection of materials handling equipment designed to meet the harsh conditions of a stone fabrication shop.

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SME Enterprises

Slab Belts are designed to enhance the capabilities of manual stone carry clamps. The wide, padded leather belt and strapping made of safety belt nylon webbing is designed to enable two workers to lift and maneuver tops with ease.

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Safeway Sling Company

The Safeway Slab Sling is Perfect for laying slabs over on a table and the basket configuration will transport single slabs or bundles.

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Super Roller

You no longer have to lift a stone slab and try to walk between the ribs of an A-Frame or cart, because the Super Roller is designed to safely and easily “roll” stone slabs off your truck.

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