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Sinks, Rodding, & Fastening Systems

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Vallé offers high-quality 18-gauge stainless steel sinks in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, as well as lovely ceramic undermount sinks.

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The E-Z Sink Bracket Sink Support & Dishwasher Bracket were designed by a veteran home builder with 30 years experience including hundreds of kitchen installations. Easy install!

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The Hercules Universal Sink Harness Kit is the best sink mounting system available and it installs in minutes. Our Fiberglass Rodding is highly recommended to strengthen and protect your slabs from breakage.


A variety of Sink Setters including the Universal Sink Undermounter that installs any sink under real or engineered stone, as well as concrete in about 5 minutes.

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Scorpion Steel Rodding Bars are perfect for supporting granite, marble or any natural stone countertops. They come in 6 foot to 8 foot lengths with 1/8" thickness to prevent stone breakage. Why risk it? - Rod it!

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The G-clip is a great system that allows you to easily and professionally install undermount sinks. It eliminates the need for temporary supports and is quick and easy with professional results.

Granite Grabbers

Granite Grabbers adhere permanently to the underside of granite countertops with specially formulated adhesive. The aluminum bracket comes with a matching screw: the low-profile unit mounts with no drilling and no mess!

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Vance Dishwasher Clips are perfect for setting undermount Clips and Studs. They require no drilling and come with built-in, 7mm long bolt. Use them with natural and engineered stone, or any solid surface top.

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ScratchPro is a revolutionary diamond buffing compound, designed to reduce the appearance of scratches and polish your stainless steel sink to look like new! With only three steps needed, your sink may look factory-fresh in practically no time!

Abaco Machines

The Abaco Sink Lock System can be used on stainless steel or ceramic sinks to securely undermount the sink while the adhesive cures.

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Never-MT Under Sink Soap Dispenser Conversion Kit allows you to use a favorite brand of soap or lotion straight from its original container, even large economy size containers.

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Stone Pro

The new simplistic design is unmatched by any conventional seamer on the market today. It's not only the most cost-effective, but also the strongest seamer on the market.

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Granite Earth

The Granite Earth Undermount Sink Installation Tool enables fast, accurate and neat installation of undermount sinks!

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Sinkits are a Patent Pending new clamp design for undermounting sinks. Sinkits are designed to save preparation time in the shop as well as installation time in the field.