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Shower Waterproofing & Tile Tools

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Noble Company

Noble products are used to create waterproof custom solutions for showers including pan liners, slopes, membranes and drains.

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Better-Bench and Recess It Better Niche are easy to install systems that replaces the complex methods currently in use. Both systems add functionality to any bath or shower installation.

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Mark E Industries

Goof Proof Shower Products by Mark E Industries offer complete shower component kits for custom shower waterproofing and tile preparation.


Cut extremely clean and fast with Talon Thin Turbo Tile Blades. Create a perfect smooth cut with Talon Slot Rim Blades designed for porcelain, marble, granite, engineered stone, other natural stones.

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Raimondi Tile Leveling System Starter Kit allows for accurate tile setting with perfect tile leveling to prevent lippage.

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TAVY Enterprises

The Patented TAVY Tile Spacers are a dramatic improvement over the traditional spacers sold in the marketplace today.

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TouchStone T-2000 Epoxy is often used for tiling shower floors and walls. It cures strong and moisture doesn’t affect its bond.

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Last Patch Dymond is a two-component, clear, tintable, non-yellowing, non-staining, and UV stable that works well for filling travertine with or without aggregate. It is very user-friendly with a forgiving mix ratio.


Viper Tile Blades are specially designed to handle porcelain and natural stone tile. We offer a blade for every tile need and every budget!

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Flex 6 inch Variable Speed L1503VR Polisher has a powerful 10 Amp motor specially designed for work on soft natural stone surfaces.


Caulk-EZ is a new aerosol product that allows every caulk user to caulk without the mess and achieve “a perfect bead every time!”

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Makes Your Next Tile Layout Fast and Easy with the Bosch GTL3 Tile & Square Laser. Select 0 and 90 Degrees Lines Plus Optional 45 Degree Layout Line.

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Demolition Power That'll Make You Smile. You'll love the Makita 20 Lbs Demolition Hammer - GUARANTEED.

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Russo Trading Company

Russo Trading offers some of the best tile products availabe including the T3 Razor Blade, Porcelain Core Bits, Sponges, and Turbo Hole Saws.

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SKM Grout-Aide Grout and Tile Makers cover your existing grout stains and make grout lines look fresh and new again. Don't bleach it... RENEW IT!

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Make your own flush-mounted access panels and cut access panels any size you want with the Magnapanel Flush Mounted Tiled Access Panel Kit.

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