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Dust Control & Safety Equipment

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Protect Your Best Investment–Yourself! From rain suits, boots and masks, we have all you need to stay safe and dry on the job!

Abaco Machines

The Abaco Dehydrator recaptures the gray abrasive mud water generated by fabrication machines in a one-step method for separating the water from sludge and slurry.

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Fabricators Friend

Fabricators Friend is dedicated to developing products such as the Bullet Proof Fabricator's Apron and Fabricator's Stone Sleeve that help stone fabricators stay safe, more comfortable, productive, and profitable.

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Protect yourself on-the-job with face shields and ear plugs from 3M! Stay safe from flying stone chips and ear-piercing noise!

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OnGuard Industries

When it comes to protecting your feet and toes, you may not think about it until you have something very heavy fall on them. OnGuard has your toes covered!

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The Makita VC4710 Wet/Dry Vacuum has a quiet operation, 12 AMP motor generated 135 CFM of suctions power and 92 inches of water lift. It also has an Automatic Filter Cleaning System!


Clear the shop air with Novair 2105 Air Filtration Machine that generates an exceptional, consistent flow rate and utilizes all the filter media area.

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Grinder Gear Tool Cover is the best and most affordable way for you to keep your grinder protected from dust and water and extend the life of your tools!

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Dustless Technologies

The Dustless Cutbuddie II is simply the best dust collection system you can find for hand grinders. Available in 5, 7, and 9 inches.

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Dust Collection Products

The Dust Muzzle Ultra fits right-angle grinders and combines with a shop vacuum to create a dust-free environment. Keep your shop dustless with Dust Muzzle Ultra!

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