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Accessories & Miscellaneous

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E-Z Dishwasher Bracket is the easy way to mount any dishwasher! With this inexpensive, American-made product, you can install a dishwasher either before or after countertop installation, saving an expensive return trip!

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All the extras you need to get the job done! From Buffing Pads to Clips & Anchors, you can find them all here at the lowest price! We offer the best shipping to all 50 states.

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Why pay more than $5 for a sink install kit, when you could use the Hercules Universal Sink Harness and complete the project in minutes? Quick, easy and permanent leveling process can be accomplished with our EZ Level.

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The I-Brace granite support installs in just minutes, eliminates the need for corbels or wood supports on breakfast bars and can be kept in stock on the truck or in the shop.

Nelson Wood Shims

For over 50 years Nelson Wood Shims has been producing the highest quality of wood and composite shims on the market. Thin tips, easy to cut, clean and consistent snap.

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Stone Pro

The Seam Vise can eliminate costly and frustrating call-backs due to seam failure in three easy steps. The ADA Complian Countertop Support will save labor and time.

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Protect your floors and counters with the best product in the business – Americover! These tinted films stay in place and remove easily for a clean finish!

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Granite Grabbers

Granite Grabbers Dishwasher Mounting System worked to develop an adhesive tape, capable of adhering permanently to the various rough and unfinished surfaces found on the bottom of granite and solid surface countertops.

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Behlen Master Resin Patching Sticks are professional quality resin fills for chips and nicks in stone. Just melt them into the chip; when it cools it will harden like stone. Patch will not pop out and polishes to a high sheen.

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Designed to perform in the toughest environments imaginable! Bright marks on hard to mark surfaces including: metal, wood, plastic, leather, glass, stone, cardboard & more.

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Grove Products

Grove Products is the leading producer of plastic structural shims. Proudly made in the USA since 1962, this family-owned business produces shims in a variety of sizes that are made of non-corrosive material.

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The ZX series of Radionic Hi-Tech LED under-cabinet lighting fixtures don't give a harsh glare like fluorescent or puck lights that produce dangerous heat, LED lighting stays cool, saves energy, and lasts for years.

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Got a Stainless Steel Sink With a Few Scratches? Did someone drop a tool into it? Have no worries Mate; this little ScratchPro Sink Kit for stainless steel sinks will save the day!

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Omnichrom Pencils are much better than a "Fisher Space Pen" because these pencils write upside down AND underwater! Perfect for wet cutting of tile or stone.

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TemplatePro Templating Kit is a great, cost-effective alternative to expensive electronic templating systems. With re-usable supplies, easily-transportable pieces, and accuracy, TemplatePro is the efficient, budget-friendly way to template!

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Glide Guide

Glide Guide keeps your saw on top of things! The Glide Guide helps to elevate the saw above the finished surface, so that the only moving part that touches your work piece is the blade. Comes in 4 convenient sizes!

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Never-MT Under Sink Soap Dispenser Conversion Kit allows you to use a favorite brand of soap or lotion straight from its original container, even large economy size containers.


Dixon China Markers make bold, easily visible strokes; several colors available! perfect for layout and dimensioning on stone. No sharpener needed - pull string and peel away paper to reveal point!

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Haviland Corporation specializes in hand tools for the sanitary supply industry. Their floor squeegees are some of the best in the industry.

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Loc-Line Fittings, Nozzles & Hoses are designed to be fully hand adjustable in both position and length. Repeated positioning is easy and the hose will stay in position without any springback. Specially designed for low-pressure applications.

Fabricators For Fabricators

This new bumper cushion is designed to protect against stone on stone collisions during install. It keeps edges, seams and corners covered from dings, chips and scratches during install.

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