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Polishing Pads

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Viper has polishing pads for every purpose: aggressive stock removal, surface polishing, hand polishing and pads for granite and marble. Check them out!

Featured Product

Dragon Killer

The Dragon Killer pad was designed and engineered to meet the demand for a $5 polishing pad that is much better than any other $5.00 pad on the market today. Save with a set of 7 pads!


Scorpion Diamond Polishing Pads are very flexible and provide a fantastic polish and offer a great value for the money. Available individually by grit or as a set for even more extra savings.

Featured Product


Look to Talon Polishing Pads from aggressive stock removal to final polishing. Talon has a pad to do a great job and bring out the best shine.

Featured Product

Omni Cubed

The Omni Cubed No-Spin Backer Pad provides faster results and less damage to surrounding vertical surfaces during polishing or refinishing.

Steve's Polishing Pro Systems

Steve's Polishing Pro System is an innovative system that allows professionals to polish countertops or floors without any special tools at a fraction of the cost of previous systems!

Viper Elite

Viper Elite 6-Step Wet Diamond Polishing Pads work on granite, quartz, and marble. Designed for fabricators that want a high quality pad that produces outstanding results.

Featured Product


Quality Polishing Pads Designed For Corners. You can't fit a round pad into a corner so why even try? Now, thanks to these new corner pads, you don't have to fight physics!