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Small Stone Blades

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Viper Turbo Diamond Blades for Granite and Marble are our best selling blades and for a good reason! Our Viper Blades deliver performance, durability and consistent quality!

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Great performing diamond saw blades at a low price! These blades compare to blades at twice the cost and leave a superb cut with minimal chipping.

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The Scorpion brand means value without sacrificing quality. Scorpion offers small diamond saw blades for granite, marble and tile that offer a clean cut and won't drain your wallet. Volume discounts now available!

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The Hercules Rodding Blade Guard is a great tool for removing grout. Use the depth stop feature to remove the desired amount of grout safely and efficiently. Fits most 5" & 4-1/2" grinders.

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The 2nd generation Zenesis Turbo Blade is the only stone blade on the market today that incorporates the same legendary Zenesis Pattern Technology found in the Zenesis Bridge Saw Blades.

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Made Specifically For The Trac Star 2000 Saw. This tried and true blade will smoothly cut marble, granite, and other hard materials.

Russo Trading Company

RTC's “Triple Threat” T3 Razor Diamond Tile Saw Blade is the quietest, fastest, most accurate tile saw blade you’ll ever use.

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The Bosch T130DG 3-1/4 inch Diamond Grit T-Shank Jig Saw Blade is built for rugged applications such as cutting porcelain, granite, limestone, slate and ceramic tile.

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The Quad or Flush Cut Adapters can be used with hand-held grinders for many cutting applications. Use on turbo blades or flush cut blades with four holes designed around the central arbor hole.