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Core Bits

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Core a hole in only 30 seconds with Talon Dry Core Bits. Incredible cutting speed, best-suited bond and cleanest result is what you can expect from Talon Core Bits. High quality at a great price!

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Viper Elite

Why have two different core bits, when Viper Elite Side Protection Core Bits performs great wet or dry! Viper Elite offers fast drilling and long life.

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Scorpion Vacuum Brazed Core Bits for marble are designed to be used primarily on job sites where water is unavailable. Designed in most popular core bit sizes with 5/8"-11 thread.

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Keeping the core bit wet with Suction Rings will extand its life. We have adapters in popular sizes for all your core hole drilling needs. We offer 1/2" Gas x 5/8"-11 adapters, as well as Core Bit Adapters for working with concrete.


Zenesis Dry Core Bits had been completely redesigned for high-performance dry coring of granite and engineered stone. The side coating and larger cooling holes produce faster, cleaner cuts without breaking a sweat.

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Artu Bits are tungsten carbide & cobalt tipped for maximum hardness and resistance to wear. Artu Multipurpose Drill Bits save you time, money AND frustration.

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Russo Trading Company

The large size RTC Hole Saw Kit and the Probits offer a tremendous value for the quality and durability of these products.

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