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Cup Wheels

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Talon Cup Wheels are our best sellers! No surprise there, as they offer great quality at a great price. Ideal for stock removal and shaping of stone. Get yours today!

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All Scorpion Diamond Cup Wheels for granite and marble countertop fabrication are priced just right! They are fast, aggressive tools for stock removal and offer no bounce or chatter that can cause stone chipping.

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Viper Brazed Flat Cup Wheels offer several advantages over old-style diamond cup wheels, including less chipping, a smoother finish, and lower cost.

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Face & Side Grinding Silicon Carbide Cup Wheels made in the USA by Magnum

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When properly used, a Dressing Tool will extend the life and dramatically increase the efficiency of a grinding wheel.


The 21st century technology grit is a miracle of space-age science. Dressing stones have been around since there were rocks, but using Silicon Carbide Dressing Stones will maximize your diamond tool investment!


Some cup wheels are not threaded and have to be mounted to a grinder with an adapter. Braxton-Bragg stocks these Adapters that can be used with non-threaded arbors.