About The Slippery Rock Gazette

The Slippery Rock has become the most widely read stone trades newspaper in the United States, mailed directly to businesses and individuals working in the stone and associated trades.

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Rich Hassert Publisher
Larry M. Hood Editor/Design Director
G. William Brown Graphic Designer
Shannon B. Carey Special Contributor
Aaron J. Crowley Stone Industry Consultant
Frederick M. Hueston Stone Care Consultant
Carmen Ghia Foreign Affairs Departmen
Sharon Koehler Artistic Granite & Tile
Mark Lauzon Stone Industry Consultant
Rufus B. Leakin Guru of Folklore
Peter J. Marcucci Feature Contributor
Bob Murrell Restoration Consultant
Anne Tenna Human Resources Dept.
Sam Venable Ironic Humor Dept.
Jodi Wallace Special Contributor
Boomer Winfrey Varmint County Correspondent