I admire the work of architect and product designer Michael Graves.  Recently PBS ran a documentary on his work and life and I learned that he suffered a serious illness a few years ago and is now confined to a wheel chair.  

Mr. Graves commented on how his perspective changed when he was confined to a wheel chair. It was encouraging to see that Mr. Graves has re-focused his talent on improving design and products to make them more accessible.

Recently I visited Barry Brandt, President of Stone Pro in Effingham, Illinois. Barry opened my eyes to the issues of creating an accessible sink for public buildings. Stone Pro has introduced a new product that enables a fabricator to build an ADA compliant lavatory quickly, beautifully, and cost effectively. The product is called the “Stone Pro Countertop Support.”  It can be found under the installation accessories tab of the Braxton-Bragg.com website. The product is available from Braxton-Bragg and other authorized Stone Pro Distributors.

Making Public Sinks More Accessible

If you are aware of other tools that will assist installers with ADA compliance , please shoot me an email at  publisher@slipperyrockgazette.net and we will be happy to highlight the product.

Have a good read, Rich Hassert

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