We were reading this article in your magazine about a restoration job and when we saw the pictures, we thought...Hey, this is probably West Rutland Marble (August issue, Marble Doctor is in the House).  

I asked my rep. Brian Dyer about it, and sure enough he told me that it was, and I have copied a portion of his email response here below: 

“When John Marsh Jr. sold the house, it was part of the deal that the development company had to build him the exact same house, only 30 miles further out. I took measurements on all those floors and fireplaces and then supplied all the West Rutland and Verde Antique for it. One of the first jobs I ever did with your Dad. John Marsh Jr was Secretary of the Army under President Reagan. Great guy.”

If you come across articles about marble restoration, feel free to send us photos so that the stone can be accurately identified. The article makes it sounds like some foreign stone!  Good ol’ domestic marble from Vermont, originally supplied by Vermont Marble Co. most likely.  

Best regards,

Monica Gawet

President, Tennessee Marble Company