Frederick M. Hueston, Ph.DStone Forensics announced that it will be conducting a Stone Inspector training program in January 27-31, 2014 during Stone Expo in Las Vegas, NV.          

The program is designed to teach the basics of inspecting stone and ceramic tile installations. According to Fred Hueston who will be conducting the training, “The amount of failures, poor installations and other issues with stone and tile flooring are on the rise. There are only a few qualified inspectors in the US and there are unfortunately few quality training opportunities in this discipline.”  

The program is being offered in Las Vegas so students can observe failures of stone and tile installations in real time. “We will spend an entire day going on inspections as part of the class,” says Fred Hueston.

The Stone Inspectors program is a full 5 days with the certification test on the last day. It is being offered the same week of StonExpo, the industry’s largest trade show. Those wanting to attend the show will have time since the class will only last a half day on Wednesday, January 29. The program is only offered once per year and the class size is limited to 10 students. The cost of the class is $2500 per person. 

The following is what will be covered in the comprehensive class: 

  • The Geology of Stone
  • Understanding the structure of different kinds of stone and marble materials
  • Identification of stone and tile types
  • Quarry techniques that affect the final product
  • Production of Tile and Slabs
  • Fabrication and Installation Requirements
  • Physical and Chemical Testing
  • Stone and Tile Forensic Investigation
  • Diagnosis of Problems
  • Stone and Tile Restoration
  • Repair and Replacement
  • Stain Removal
  • Troubleshooting
  • Report Writing
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Slip Resistance
  • Laboratory Testing

Here is what past students have said about this class:

“I HIGHLY recommend this course. If you want the credibility that sets you head and shoulders above other stone restorers, this course is a must. Taught by Dr. Fred Hueston whose reputation as “The” Leading Expert in Stone Forensics, Restoration, and Fabrication is unsurpassed. Tell him you’re a Cheetah Fan and he’ll take extra good care of you.”

— Dana Kothrade

“This is the best class in the Untied States for stone education and Stone Forensics. Now here is the kicker. If you don’t want to be a Forensics expert, that’s OK because after you take this class you will be 20 to 30 times better informed than if you tried to listen to anybody else. And this is the good one. 

Dr. Fred’s class will help you through subfloor info and identifying problems before you start the job, so you can get paid when there are problems caused by the contractor before you.  


Don’t quibble about the price, just write the check. Your 1st week will pay for itself. You will need to bring Aspirin; it’s a tough class.”

— David Bonasera

“WOW! What a great school Fred Hueston teaches on stone forensics. His class was the most interesting and informative class I’ve been to. Fred’s style keeps your attention & he takes the time to let everyone contribute to the lesson. Fred’s class has a good common sense approach on how to start a consulting business and THEN the field trip to actually see the failures and talk about them with everybody was worth the trip alone. I’ve been to a lot of schools and this one is definitely worth the time and money if you want to become an expert witness or consultant.” 

— Phil Campbell 

 For further information and to register, email or call 321-514-6845.