Letters to the Editor

Hypothetically Speaking

Dear Mr. Hood:

Let’s say a reader, in his excitement to attend the TileExpo and International Surface Event, reads the month and day dates given on page 17 of Slippery Rock Gazette (October 2013) but fails to see the year of the event given on page 8.  

This hypothetical reader may message his Facebook friend and Slippery Rock Gazette contributor Fred Hueston to see if he’s attending, but Fred may not reply before the reader leaves Sarasota, Florida, for the 3 ½ hour drive to the Miami Beach Convention Center.

The reader is pleasantly surprised to get street parking right in front of the Convention Center, but notices the parking lot is virtually empty. He tries to convince himself that this is a big place and the Expo may be around back, even though the programmable sign doesn’t convey the usual conventioneer greeting. The polite attendant behind the desk breaks the news. Yes, the Expo is here, but exactly one year from today. Hypothetical reader rushes back to his vehicle, discovers page 8, and cannot believe his eyes. He is a year early.

Since it’s the same amount of gas whether he stays or goes immediately, he decides to make the best of the situation by taking in the South Beach Art Deco Historic District, just blocks away. After dipping his hand in the aquamarine Atlantic, he signs up for a $50.00 bus/boat tour and gets to see Carmen Electra’s waterfront home and boat, who unfortunately isn’t sunbathing topless waterside as is her penchant according to the female tour guide. He visits Coconut Grove, sees peacocks, visits Coral Gables, watches cigar rolling and has an incredible fish sandwich at Le Christo restaurant in Little Havana. The after-dinner espresso will keep him awake for the 3 ½ hour drive home, where he arrives at 10:30 p.m., sheepishly explaining his folly to his wife.

…Hey, it could happen.


Joseph Corlet

Sarasota, Florida

Master Artist Responds to Profile

Hi Peter, Larry,

Torque Link SculptureJust wanted to send a big thank you for writing a great article (October 2013 SRG: Jesse Salisbury, Profile of a Master Artist, by Peter Marcucci).

I really appreciate you and the Slippery Rock and the attention you have given my work.

Torque Link SculptureThings are going well here. Torque Link is done, delivered (pictured to the right), and I have started another large piece. I got the rails in, and they work great.

Also got a polishing machine working. Lots of firewood on the ground that needs to be split and I will be ready for winter.

Hope to see you again soon.

Jesse Salisbury

Steuben, Maine

Thanks, Jesse

It was our pleasure to present your work. Also, thanks for sending pictures of Torque Link installed; it looks great, and we all wish you continued success. 

Best Regards,

Larry Hood

Editor/Design Director

Slippery Rock Gazette