Joel Davis

Special Correspondent

Stone Shield Enhancer & Sealer is great for color enhancing of all types of granite, marble and travertines. It can be used to get wet-effect look for indoor and outdoor applications. The Stone Shield Enhancer & Sealer brings out a deep rich color in stone. The UV stable formula  can be applied on polished, flamed, rough or sanded surfaces, and works well to disguise small scratches or lower polished surfaces. As a sealer, it’s also excellent for protecting surfaces against oil and water spotting.Stone Shield Color Enhancer and Sealer is Braxton-Bragg’s newest offering for professionals seeking economical and high quality color enhancement for all types of granite, marble and travertines.          

Product Manager Steve Bussell said Stone Shield Color Enhancer and Sealer is made in America, and addresses a common problem faced by fabricators. “What is happening with the stone industry right now is in order to use more of the stone that is being quarried, they are resining the stone.”

While resining allows the stone industry to provide a greater variety of colors and veining than ever before to customers, the material does pose challenges to fabricators. Cutting into the resined stone can reveal an interior that does not match the appearance of the surface, Bussell said.

“This allows the edge to match the top of the stone,” he said. “It’s using the same materials as are used in the quarries. It will match the top surface once you’ve made that cut.”

Advantages of Stone Shield Color Enhancer and Sealer include:

  • UV stable
  • Offers a wet look indoors and outdoors
  • Does not change color when exposed to the sun
  • Provides deep rich color
  • Works as a stone color enhancer and a high quality sealer

Stone Shield Color Enhancer and Sealer does not require scheduled maintenance to maintain its appearance, Bussell said. “It’s not forever, but I’d consider it a permanent solution for matching that surface.”

The project can be used on polished, flamed, rough or sanded surfaces. It can be used to disguise small scratches and is suitable to protect surfaces against oil and water.

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