A Portland, Oregon-area middle school football coach who said he was willing to lose his job rather than back down from plans for a team party at Hooters, has been fired.  

The athletic director for the Corbett School District, Jean-Paul Soulagnet, sent a letter to parents telling them the end-of-season awards party at Hooters was no longer a Corbett Middle School-sponsored event.

Station KGW reported the athletic director fired coach Randy Burbach for refusing to choose a more age-appropriate location.

Burbach said he would not bow to pressure to move the party, because he always told his boys to stand up for what they believe in.

And Burbach believes Hooters is “appropriate for families.” The restaurant bills itself as “delightfully tacky,” and its waitresses wear skimpy outfits. 

Source: KGW-TV, http://www.kgw.com/

Hooters Gives a Hoot

Hooters’ waitresses in orange shorts and tight tops lined up in two rows to cheer Corbett Middle School football players who arrived for an after-season party at the Jantzen Beach restaurant in Portland, Oregon.

Fifteen of the team’s 23 members attended the party which went on as scheduled after the school district withdrew its support for the gathering and fired the coach for refusing to move the celebration to another location.

Ex-Coach Randy Burbach thought Hooters was “appropriate” and refused to back down.

The Oregonian newspaper reported most of the players kept their heads down and their hands in their lettermen jackets as their arrival was recorded on video cameras.

Hooters paid for the party and also made a donation to the Corbett Middle School sports program.

Source: The Oregonian, http://www.oregonlive.com