Tuesday, the 13th of Septem-ber, saw the crew from the television show This Old House hard at work on The Bedford Project.

A nearly three hundred-year-old historic Bedford, MA home was getting a facelift – including a giant piece of granite with as much rugged character as the house itself.

Episodes of This Old House, which air on PBS stations nationwide, feature renovations of historic homes. The This Old House Bedford Project series premiered last month on PBS. The episode featuring Olde New England Granite will air nationally on Thursday, December 15 (check local listings or www.thisoldhouse.com/tvschedule for dates and times in your area).

“This Old House came to our ‘Granite Farm’ in search of a Cape Ann or Rockport Granite landing with matching steps,” explained Biz Reed, COO and Executive VP of Olde New England Granite. “The homeowners, Joe and Rebecca Titlow really wanted a dark, aged material that would be in keeping with the age of their home…and we were able to find something that worked for them.”

Once the landing and steps were selected, Olde New England Granite coordinated delivery and installation with the film crew. This material was selected as the three front entry pieces. The largest is the 4´ x 7´ landing which was cut from an enormous 4 ½ ton pier block reclaimed from the historic Essex-Merrimac Drawbridge piers, constructed in 1882.

This reworked piece of granite’s consistent and user-friendly sawn and thermaled surface makes it the best of both modern and classic worlds – a flat, serviceable all season top along with their aged and weathered sides kept intact for that real antique look.

For additional information about reclaimed granite, “The Granite Farm,” and on how you can benefit from the products and services offered, please log on to the website at www.oldenewenglandgranite.com.