Omni Cubed Automatic Stealth Seamer™ (with new 2015 model pump). Omni Cubed seam setters run on AA batteries if electricity is not available. Perfect for job sites!There are many variables in countertop installation, but successful fabricators know how to anticipate and prepare for them. 

Omni Cubed seam setters offer open, easy access to the work area at the seam.The key to being prepared on the job site is having the right tools. Omni Cubed tools are designed to help fabricators deliver quality countertops - in any situation.  When it comes to leveling and joining seams, the Automatic Stealth Seamer and Seam Setter VCA offer unmatched reliability, durability, and versatility.

Omni Cubed Seam Setter VCA (shown with the new 2015 model pump)The new 2015 vacuum pump for Omni Cubed automatic seam setters has 2.5 times greater airflow than previous models, which provides an even stronger hold on very porous or textured surfaces.  The seam setters feature vacuum cups with a closed and continuous seal.

They won’t “let go” or lose suction if loss of power occurs. The powerful, yet compact pump maintains pressure for all cups. 

It operates on AC power or eight AA batteries, for installations where electricity is not available. The new pump has an ultra-durable housing that is more resistant to dust, water, debris, and overheating.  

Another versatile feature of the seam setters are the non-spinning, vinyl-capped leveling feet which allow “fine-tune” adjustments on both sides of the seam, and won’t scratch surfaces.  These integrated leveling feet provide total control along the entire seam, and eliminate the unevenness caused by crowned or warped countertops.  

The seam setters are designed to keep the work area open and accessible while the product is in use, so removal is not needed to apply epoxy or scrape the seam.  

Omni Cubed automatic seam setters are a reliable, durable, and versatile solution to help you overcome some of the challenges that may occur during the installation process.

Accessory Expansion Kit allows “chain-linking” two seam setters to the same pump.You can find the full line of Omni Cubed products through Braxton-Bragg. Call toll free 1-800575-4401 or visit the website