Police in Central Texas help round up buffalo on the loose

A  buffalo that roamed away from home has been recaptured after being cornered by police in Central Texas following a wild chase through a residential area.

Round Rock, TX police were dispatched one Friday morning when the owner reported the buffalo jumped some fences at a rural property and fled.

Patrol car video shows officers with flashing lights chasing the buffalo as it gallops along sidewalks, on grass and into streets.

Officers eventually managed to secure the buffalo, safely returning the animal to its home.

The buffalo wasn’t harmed, and no officers were hurt recapturing the wayward critter.

Seattle Police corral frolicking escaped goats 

Seattle police got their goats, so to speak, last month.

They finally managed to corral a group of 10 that had broken loose from a yard in the city’s Beacon Hill neighborhood

On their website, police say officers responded one Thursday afternoon to a report that the loose goats were chasing a group of children.

After a brief chase of their own, police managed to herd the goats back into a pen.

Animal control officers were called to contact the goats’ owner to task for the lax security.