The Pinnacle  Awards are given out every year at StonExpo. Many shops do excellent work, but are you ready to give the competition your best shot? Here are the top 5 tips to get give your entry the best chance of success.

5) Start early

Watch for the Call for Entries announcement (on the MIA website, MIA newsletter, and in the Slippery Rock Gazette). Identify the categories that might fit your projects and begin gathering the data now.

4) Describe your project with a good story

The description of the project is your opportunity to tell a great story of the project. Play up the use of stone.

3) Attention to Detail

 Be sure to follow all general entry guidelines and proofread your entry. Editorial errors detract from your project.  Entries should arrive in a binder, as described in the entry guidelines.

2) Photographs

Photographs - while your written description is important, the photographs are what the judges primarily use to grade the projects. The higher the quality of the photo, the better your chances are of impressing the judges. Be sure to include a wide angle shot of the entire project and several close-ups of the natural stone detail. A professional photographer is not required, but good, clear photos will help tremendously.

1) Two New Categories

“Kitchen of the Year” and “Bath of the Year” – be the first MIA member to win one of these coveted awards!

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