Rich Hassert

Publisher, Slippery Rock Gazette

Product safety is on everyone’s mind these days. News reports of hazardous drywall, flooring, dog food and other unsafe products are front-page news.  Marketers of man-made materials often seek independent certification for their products to provide customers with assurance of safety and peace of mind.

I recently learned that many commercial jobs require quartz countertops that are compliant with NSF/ANSI 51. Most Quartz countertop materials prominently display the NSF logo. You could reasonably conclude all products that are entitled to display the NSF logo are certified for countertops, but I have learned that many quartz products that display the NSF logo are not certified as “Food Zone” but are only “Splash Zone” certified.

NSF International is the global organization that develops standards for food, water and consumer goods. I had a chance to talk with Mike Kohler, Associate Technical Director, Food Equipment, and ask him about the safety of Quartz countertop materials available in the USA. Mike agreed to provide an explanation of the standard, which is is shown in this month's article NSF Certified Surfacing Explainedwith his answers to my follow up questions. See also my Publisher’s Pen in this month's edition.