A neighborhood pet shop needed some office help, so the owner posted a sign in the window: HELP WANTED: Must be able to sort mail and use the computer. Must be bilingual was underlined in red. 

In the afternoon, a friendly golden retriever trotted into the store, wagging his tail, and barked at the sign repeatedly. The owner finally realized he wanted the job. Perplexed, he said, “Sorry, pup. You have to be able to sort mail.”

The dog put his front paws up on the counter where the day’s mail was stacked, and used his nose to sort the packages and envelopes into separate piles—junk mail, invoices, checks, and the like.

The disbelieving owner didn’t know what else to do, so he took the dog in back to the office and showed him the computer. The dog hopped on the chair, tapped the mouse with a paw to wake up the screen, and began surfing the Web for pet sites.

Stunned, the owner sat down and tried to think. The dog waited patiently, wagging its tail and grinning a doggy grin. Then the owner said, “OK. You’re good. You even have a winning personality. But you still have to be bilingual.”

The dog opened his mouth and replied, “Moooooooo.”

So what happened to the dog, you ask?  Sadly, he didn’t get the job. You just don’t get cows in a pet store.