Two Texas girls whose lemonade stand was shut down because they lacked a permit will instead offer the summertime drink for free.

Television station KLTV reports that 8-year-old Andria Green and her 7-year-old sister, Zoey, will take only donations for lemonade in Overton, about 120 miles east of Dallas.

A police officer approached the stand, which offered lemonade for 50 cents and “kettle korn” for $1.

In patrol-car video, the officer can be heard asking the girls’ mother, Sandi Evans, for a permit. She says she wasn’t aware they needed one.

A family friend went to City Hall to get the girls a permit. Authorities waived the $150 fee, but said health department officials needed to inspect the stand.

Overton’s police chief had commented that “police must follow state health guidelines.” Thank you, Overton, Texas, for impartially upholding the letter of the law against flagrant uninspected food vendors Andria and Zoey.

Source: KLTV-TV,