Stone Pro Hydraulic Beaver Edge Chiseling MachineStone Pro is known for the many quality stone industry products and inventions they have introduced. New for 2015, Stone Pro announces their latest chisel machine, “The Hydraulic Beaver.” 

Most workers in the stone inddustry are aware of how powerful hydraulics can be. Hydraulic power is also a safe, alternative way to power fabrication equipment. “More and more fabricators these days are asking us to address some particular chiseled edge challenges they are facing. That’s why Stone Pro developed the Hydraulic Beaver for our chisel machine product line,” said Brad Winn. “This next generation of Beaver combines superior hydraulic power, with a lighter weight control platform for the user.”

Stone Pro designed the new chiseling machine with the power source located separately from the control device, to make the machine easier to handle. The power source on the Hydraulic Beaver model has been moved to a portable stand that sits on the floor, by the user. 

The hydraulic power source is designed with a 10-foot protected cord for a long reach and ease of travel down a long chiseling surface, like a large island. The working platform is designed to easily disconnect from the pump by means of a snap coupler fitting. The power cord uses a simple, twist lock plug for quick disconnect, as well.

The Hydraulic Beaver can chisel 2cm up to 6cm material. It handles Granite, Quartz, Marble and Engineered Stone. To switch from 2cm to 6cm material, you simply swap out the lower chisels (provided with the machine) and reset an adjustment bolt for the lower chisel to the correct height for your chosen material thickness.

Improvements and features of the new Stone Pro Hydraulic Beaver include:

  • A reduced weight, handheld platform.
  • Hydraulic power unmatched by any other chiseling device in the industry.
  • Premium quality components for long tool life
  • Quicker cycle times for faster production
  • Quiet 110V electric pump
  • Made in the USA

Stone Pro extensively tests their products in a real fabrication setting, and stands behind their quality. They also provide technical assistance on every item they manufacture. 

Stone Pro is confident of the quality of their stone industry innovations, and provides contact information on all of their products.  Another benefit of their Made in the USA products is that if you have a problem with a Stone Pro product, you can speak with the folks that actually build the machine. 

The new Hydraulic Beaver will be available in September, 2015. For more information on the Stone Pro Hydraulic Beaver, call Stone Pro at 217-536-6187. Stone Pro is located in Effingham, Illinois. To order Stone Pro products, contact authorized distributor Braxton-Bragg toll-free at 800-575-4401, or order on the BB website at .