Most people know that computers aren’t magical devices. Here’s what Hollywood would like you to believe about computers from the way they’re depicted in the wonderful world of motion pictures:

  • The hero always finds the important e-mail right away – it’s always at the top of the inbox, and no one ever has to wade through spam
  • Anyone can infect a computer with a crippling virus simply by entering the words DOWNLOAD VIRUS on a keyboard.
  • Good guys and bad guys alike can infiltrate any computer in the world. Even when it’s turned off.
  • A movie hacker can guess any password in two or three attempts. Hackers can also instinctively use any computer they find, no matter how specialized, advanced, or alien.
  • Every laptop in the world has real-time video phone capabilities and the performance of a Cray supercomputer.
  • Destroying the monitor will prevent the entire computer from functioning, and copying massive amounts of data to a USB drive can be accomplished in ten seconds or less.