If you haven’t heard by now, some of the best Internet marketing you can do is through the content on your website. You can show your slab and material selection, but you can also provide some good care tips for your homeowner customers.post current style trends and links from Houzz, and other valuable sources of customer information on stone, including MIA videos about natural stone (a great member benefit). You can become a source for current customers and potential customers, 

Mobile content marketing should be one more platform in your overall content marketing strategy–another way to market your content to your clients as well as a way to attract new clients who are too busy to sit down at a computer to look at your website.

In your ongoing effort to build a relationship with your potential clients and customers, mobile content marketing is becoming an essential part of that mix. 

The number of consumers using mobile phones and other devices to access online content is growing by leaps and bounds, and by some reports even outgrowing personal computer adoption. Mobile content marketing cannot be ignored by the savvy Internet marketer who wants to remain relevant.

Mobile access to the net has increased social network use by over millions and is expected to continue to climb. 

How do I take advantage of mobile technology?

You start by offering your current clients the ability to read, watch and listen to your content via the mobile device that most of your current readers use, or code the site to detect what device is reading. Then you make it easy for your current clients to pass on the information via texts.

The “Queen of the Internet” Mary Meeker stated in her “State of the Internet Report” that “The rapid ramp of mobile internet usage will be a boon to consumers, and some companies will likely win big (potentially very big), while many will wonder what just happened.” Don’t be one of those who just wonders what just happened!

But what exactly is mobile marketing content?

Mobile Marketing Trends and How They’ll Affect Your Business

There’s no doubt that Mobile Marketing is here to stay. But just as with any new technology that comes down the pike, there is going to be a learning curve that goes along with it. This is no more true than when it comes to creating a Mobile Marketing campaign or a series of these campaigns if you’re really feeling ambitious. 

We’ve done our homework and gone through the trials and tribulations of developing new mobile campaigns and have come up with the following tips to help you avoid the pitfalls. 

  •  Know your goals and know your target audience. Just as with any other marketing strategy, it’s important to know what goals you want to reach with your Mobile Marketing campaign. If you are looking for some type of customer feedback, crowdsourcing has become a hit (i.e Hershey letting consumers pick the next M&M color) so an SMS (text messaging) campaign would be a good start.
  • Determine your budget. Mobile Marketing isn’t as expensive as you may think, but there will be some overhead involved. There’s no real right or wrong answer as for how much to allocate.

However, for your first campaign especially, you may want to plan for a little more than consecutive campaigns to allow for list building, mobilizing your website, etc.

  • Plan for ongoing engagement with your customers and prospects. It’s important to give your campaigns, especially the first one, time to build. A key point to remember is successful business is all about building solid relationships . Mobile Marketing is no different. It’s about building long-term relationships so always be on the lookout for ways to weave campaigns together over long periods of time.

Mobile Marketing, at least for now, is the most personal marketing platform for businesses that consumers can engage in. Make sure you have a plan in place to make the most of the opportunity.