Braxton-Bragg has announced a special promotion for a new product, beginning May 1, and extending through June 2016. The Stone Pro Seam Machine will be offered at a reduced price to all current and new MIA members. The Seam Machine had its big debut at the January 2016 Surfaces show in Las Vegas.

Steve Bussell, V.P. of Customer Service at Braxton-Bragg, explained the offer. “We want to encourage non-members in the industry to join the MIA, and to reward and make it easy for existing and new members to try out a great new installation product.” (See the article in this issue: Twelve Great Installation Products that Every Shop Should Have

“For those who did not get to see the seam machine in action at the show, it is a vast improvement over older types of seam setters,” said Bussell.

“The Seam Machine was such a unique-looking product at our Surfaces 2016 booth in Las Vegas, that we had people, even ones that weren’t in the stone industry, wanting to know what it was! 

“With its arched supports, it almost looks robotic, and it caught everybody’s attention. Each suction pad will handle 800 pounds, and works independently. All these features, plus the fact that the clearance of each support arm gives you access to the seam while it’s curing, sums-up why everyone was very impressed. It’s very effective, well-designed, and a game changer,” said Bussell.

The seam machine is offered at $100 off its regular price to MIA members. “Simply tell us you’re an MIA member, and you’ll get the special price. We don’t want you to have to jump through a lot of hoops. That’s just not the way we do business,” said Bussell. For more information the Seam Machine, visit the Braxton-Bragg web site, or call 800-575-4401 to order. For more information about joining the MIA, visit their website at to download a membership application. Active/Associate North America membership dues are $1,000 per year.