Bob Murrell 

Majestic Stone Polishing CompoundMany years ago, M3 Technologies in Cohasset, Mass. created an easier to use polishing product called Stone Polishing Compound. For many, 5X and other polishing powders were simply too harsh. So, we developed a much easier to use and much more forgiving product which we called Majestic Stone Polishing Compound. 

This unique product is in a paste formulation, thereby eliminating any airborne issues that most powders exhibit. Because of the special conditioning agents contained in the formula, the product worked better than powders in some applications such as terrazzo and some difficult-to-polish materials as well.

Majestic Stone Polishing Compound has become one of the favorite go-to marble and terrazzo polishes on the market and is very popular throughout North America. Hotels, schools, hospitals, airports, casinos and other commercial applications rely on Stone Polishing Compound as their number one product for maintaining their marble or terrazzo floors. Whether you’re re-polishing traffic lane wear or using it as a final polishing after honing restoration, Stone Polishing Compound works very well. It can be used with most slow-speed equipment including swing machines and auto-scrubbers. It is also an easy-to-rinse product due to special surfactants in the formula. These surfactants actually float the compound, making it easier to both  wet vac and rinse.

As with any polishing media, there are variables that can be adjusted to improve the performance. The amount of water, number of passes, weight of the machine, the amount of compound and the pad type can all be adjusted as necessary for a particular material. Natural pads (light hog hair) are recommended but red and white work well too. 100lbs to 125lbs is normally adequate on the machine weight and the number of passes is based on the degradation level of the original polish. Typically 4-8 passes is sufficient (half the number east to west and the other half north to south, if possible). Always complete a satisfactory test area to confirm both the results and the procedure.  

M3 Technologies has been a leading provider to the industry with the premium quality Majestic stone restoration and maintenance product lineup for over 20 years. The Majestic product line includes diamond tooling, polishing products for marble and granite, impregnators/sealers, densifiers and guard products for concrete, as well as cleaning products for most all hard surfaces. Information on the Majestic Stone Polishing Compound and all Majestic products can be found at or simply call 800-575-4401.