A bumbling burglar was caught on camera failing to break into a Massachusetts market using a large rock.

The Norwood Police Department shared surveillance footage of a man dressed in a hooded sweatshirt as he attempted to break into a local market by hurling a large rock through a glass door.

“He has the ability to hurl a 10 pound boulder, multiple times, but lacks the strength to provide proper trajectory in order to gain entry,” police said.

The man was eventually able to send the boulder through the glass door after three failed attempts, but couldn’t create a large enough hole to enter the building.

“Had he not been scared off by the vehicle seen at the residence behind him, he may still be trying to get in,” police said.

K9 Units searched the area the next morning, and police are seeking assistance in identifying the suspect in the “somewhat comical” failed burglary.

“While we use a sense of humor on relating this attempted burglary, the fact is that the suspect committed a serious offense and a local business was inconvenienced,” police said.