Authorities have identified a prime suspect in an Ohio county fair burglary who took a bite out of best-of-show baked goods during the heist.

The Plain Dealer reports that officials say whoever broke into an exhibit at the Geauga County Fair in northeast Ohio in September had a masked face, soft fur and according to forensic evidence discovered at the scene, appeared to walk on four legs.

Wanted posters were on display for a raccoon or raccoons that left paw prints on baked goods that just happened to be judged the best in show among the more than 1,000 entries submitted at the 195-year-old fair. “At least they showed good taste,” quipped one of the grandmothers whose goodies were raided. 

Fair Board Director Paul Harris says the raccoon took “a little sample here and a little sample there” from seven of the 11 best-of-show entries, including breads, muffins, scones, pies and a chocolate cake. So far, no arrests have been made in the investigation.