Training & Education

MIA+BSI is pleased to announce several free education sessions that will take place at TISE in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 29 through February 1, 2018.

The following sessions will take place on Tuesday, January 30:


Women in Stone Interactive Career Advancement Workshop

Join Women in Stone for an interactive workshop designed to help attendees learn to master skills necessary to advance their careers in the stone industry.


How to Increase Production in Your Fabrication Shop

Increasing fabrication production is a key aspect to improving your bottom line. This interactive session will first discuss the most important variables to measure when considering production rates. You will then hear case studies from industry professionals who have increased production and improved their bottom line.

Providing for the Community: How Association Members Can Get Involved in Charitable Causes

One of the greatest gifts a company can give is using their professional skills to make their community a better place to live. This session will discuss how individuals in the stone, wood, and tile industries can get involved with charitable causes through their industry associations. Learn the paradigm for getting involved in your community and use your professional skills to make a difference for those in need.

Using Local and Regional Trade Shows to Grow Your Sales

One of the best ways to gain exposure for your company is through local and regional trade shows. These venues allow companies to demonstrate their expertise to customers, contractors, and decision makers. This session will discuss the best avenues for finding architects, designers, and construction professionals and turning these leads into long-term customers.

“Did That Really Happen?” Installation Case Studies

Have you ever had a stone installation that did not proceed as planned?  Installation failures are one of the best learning opportunities available.  This session will present four case studies and facilitate a discussion on how these problems could have been prevented.  Learn about what industry standards are currently in place to assist companies and ensure the quality of stone installations.   

The following quarrier-specific sessions will take place on Wednesday, January 31, 2018 in the Marmomac Pavilion:


Preparing for an MSHA Inspection

Is your quarry prepared for an MSHA inspection? This session will address key elements that regulatory inspectors look for when visiting a stone quarry. The audience will learn best practices for safety from industry professionals. The session will conclude with a short panel discussion to provide perspectives from multiple stone companies. 


The Natural Stone Research and Promotional Board: Marketing for the Future

Plans are currently underway to create a Natural Stone Research & Promotional Board, which will provide funds to promote the use of natural stone and increase demand for natural stone through advertising, market research, and consumer education. Attend this session to learn how to get involved with this program. 


Quarry Sustainability: Acting As a Steward of the Earth

This session will address best practices utilized by several companies to showcase sustainable stone practices in quarry and fabrication facilities. Attendees will learn how to share the value proposition of being good stewards of the earth’s resources to the local community and key stakeholders. 

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