Bonstone Announces New Glacier ColorsSeveral years ago, the fabrication market began to see the increasing popularity of light-colored stones such as white marbles and quartz. It soon became evident that the adhesives available at that time were inadequate for use with these light-colored substrates, sometimes leaving a dark line at the miter joint.

Bonstone responded by creating a revolutionary new glue based on a brand-new chemistry, and the result was the commercialization of Touchstone Glacier. It has since become the adhesive of choice for these light-colored materials.

Touchstone Glacier does what no other glues can do:  it has the strength of an epoxy, yet is totally non-yellowing, even if used outdoors. Glacier will NOT produce the dark line at the joint—no staining or bleeding with this product! Add in the other advantages of this unique chemistry–fast cure, zero-voc, extremely low odor, excellent clarity and ease of tinting–  and it’s popularity becomes obvious.

Touchstone Glacier was initially offered only as a “Clear” color;  shortly thereafter, Bonstone also added a “White” color.  Now, we are happy to announce the immediate availability of 3 additional colors:  “Cream”, “Bright White”, and “Gray.” All of these colors are translucent, not opaque—what this means for you is that your joint will blend in with the surrounding stone and be nearly invisible. Now you can use Glacier with even more fabrications and installations, assuring a high-quality, aesthetic joint with outstanding durability and longevity. 

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