iQ Extension Table and Miter Attachment

Above and below: iQ Extension Table and Miter Attachment

iQ Extension Table and Miter Attachment
The iQTS244 Vacuum Port Hose

Above: The iQTS244 Vacuum Port Hose

iQ Power Tools, manufacturer of premium power tools with integrated dust collection systems, introduces accessories for the first “Dry-Cut Tile Saw” designed to cut ceramic, porcelain, marble and stone. 

The iQTS244® is a 10-inch dry-cut tile saw specifically created for professional tile setters and contractors. Designed with fully integrated dust control technology, this innovative tool allows for tile to be cut inside or outside with no water and no dust. 

iQ Power Tools now claims to meet and exceed their customers’ needs with the addition of three key accessories: The iQTS244 Miter Attachment; the iQTS244 Extension Table; and the iQTS244 Vacuum Port Hose.

The iQTS244 Miter Attachment accommodates 22.5 degree and 45 degree miter bevel cuts for both ceramic and stone tile up to 24 inches long and ¾-inch thick. The iQ quick clamps allow for quick setup and versatility for making miter cuts on various tile sizes and thicknesses. 

  • 24 inch miter cut length capacity
  • Miter up to ¾ inch thick materials
  • 22.5 degree and 45 degree miter bevel cuts
  • iQ quick clamps facilitate easy setup

The iQTS244 Extension Table
adds versatility to the iQTS244 dry cut tile saw.  The Extension Table utilizes a smooth, extra-large table surface and cutting fence that allows cutting of large-format, ceramic tile of 48 inches or more. The synchronized measurement scale on each end of the table and the quick clamp cutting fence enable long cuts that are accurate, simple to set up, and easy to cut. The iQTS244 cutting fence is designed to clamp on the side for easy transport and storage.


  • Cut large-format ceramic tile 48 inches or larger
  • Heavy-duty, durable PVC board with smooth cutting surface 
  • Synchronized measure- ment scale on each end of table for easy set up and accurate cuts

The iQTS244 Vacuum Port Hose
converts the iQTS244 into a convenient vacuum that can be used to clean up the surrounding work area, grout joints and other areas where you need a quick touch up. Featuring a 10-inch hose and both narrow and wide nozzle attachments, the Vacuum Port Hose Kit quickly connects to the dust collection slot of the iQTS244. The Vacuum Port Hose Kit comes with a handy carrying bag to keep everything organized and ready when you need it.

  • Easily convert your iQTS244 into a vacuum
  • Durable, construction- grade hose and nozzles made to endure years of job site use
  • Keeps your work area neat, clean and dust-free
  • Convenient, eliminates the need for a separate vacuum in your workspace

The iQTS244 saw along with all the accessories was demonstrated LIVE at the iQ Power Tools booth, #4575, during The International Surface Event, held January 30-February 1, 2018 at Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas.

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