Bostik Design Competition Offers Winning Creation a Permanent Focal Space at The Bellagio in Las VegasBostik, Inc., a world leader in specialty adhesives and installation systems for building construction, has announced another exciting event has been added to its Bostik’s Signature Spaces™ series of design competitions: The Art of Stone Flooring™ Design Contest. This contest is open to architects, designers and other industry trade members/enthusiasts and began January 23 of this year.

Scott Banda, Bostik’s Director of Marketing and Business Development stated, “Bostik has been sponsoring national design competitions for the last few years. Due to the widespread interest and amazing success of these, including our most recent competition, Bostik’s Signature Spaces™ — The   Art of Hardwood Flooring™ Design Contest, (which announced its Grand Prize winner on January 31) we came up with the idea to have a somewhat similar event. This time, however, featuring a waterjet-cut and fabricated, natural stone medallion as our key design element. Together with our partners, National Tile Contractors Association, MGM Resorts International, CODAworx and Creative Edge Master Shop, we are openly inviting those within ‘the stone design sector’ to get their creative engines in motion… and to come up with their very own, one-of-a-kind masterpiece using a beautiful palette of natural marble.”

The Grand Prize winner’s creative design will be permanently installed in the lobby of the iconic Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. According to Banda, “It will be a circular stone medallion; 10 feet in diameter, located right in the main lobby of the hotel… a setting where more than 20,000 people walk through daily. Additionally, the winner will receive a wonderful trip for two to Paris, France valued at $5,000, courtesy of Bostik.

Banda, who with Joyen Vakil, Senior Vice President of Design & Development for MGM Resorts International, spearheaded this program, added, “The winning design will be chosen by an esteemed panel of judges, all with leading credentials in stone flooring, architectural design or both. 

“We are excited to partner with Bostik on this exciting project,” exclaimed Bart Bettiga, Executive Director of the National Tile Contractors Association. Creative Edge is perhaps the most preeminent waterjet fabrication provider in the entire world. Few companies are better suited to create the winning stone masterpiece than Jim Belilove’s firm. And because this medallion will be installed in the Bellagio, such a high-end venue, it was only fitting the installer would an outstanding NTCA 5-Star tile contractor, name to be announced very shortly.”

Belilove added, “We welcome the challenge to transform the winning design into a bona fide, Renaissance-quality stone work of art. For 30 years, we’ve created more than 10,000 specialty projects worldwide for children’s hospitals, hotels and casinos, schools & universities, places of worship and ultra-luxury residences. This project, which ultimately will be so focal, clearly is one of the most exciting for us!”

The winning design will be unveiled during a special ceremony during a lavish industry networking event scheduled for  early May at a high-powered Bellagio nightclub. Bostik and its partners will promote the event heavily, both before and after, on a national basis. This will result in the winner not only receiving a luxurious grand prize… but also, to garner widespread commercial construction industry prestige.

“We want our contest registrants to get just as stoked about waterjet fabricated stone flooring design as those who participated in our previous competitions relative to their respective creations,” concluded Banda. “Without question, I can state that our judges will be looking for something that takes stone design to the next level! Whose design will it be?” Bostik’s Signature Spaces™ —  The Art of Stone Flooring™ Design Contest opened January 23. and closed on February 28. Semi-finalist selection is March 7. Finalists’ selection is March 9. Grand prize winning selection is March 9. Project installation is April 25. Unveiling is slated for the second week of May, 2018. 

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