Migliore Award for Lifetime  AchievementPraise comes easily from the peers of Jim Hogan, who is the 2017 recipient of the Migliore Award for Lifetime Achievement.

By the time Hogan started his career in the stone industry in 1985, he had already honed his leadership skills as a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

During an 11-year career as a Special Forces airborne ranger in  the U.S. Army, he rose to the impressive rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

Hogan applied his engineering degree to his job at Carrara Marble Company of America in southern California and worked his way up the ranks there.

His management helped grow the business into a powerhouse of the stone industry, now primarily involved in large-scale commercial projects.

Today, he is senior vice president, co-owner and a member of the board of directors of the company whose works are showcases for excellence in natural stone work wherever they are located.

Jim Hogan, CEO of Carrara Marble Co. was awarded the 2017 Migliore Award for Lifetime Achievement at the 2018 TISE tradeshow.

Jim Hogan, CEO of Carrara Marble Co. was awarded the 2017 Migliore Award for Lifetime Achievement at the 2018 TISE tradeshow.

Jim Hogan as a West Point cadet.

Jim Hogan as a West Point cadet.

Hogan began his service on the board of directors of the Marble Institute of America in 2002 and served as its president in 2008.

He made his work within MIA a priority and took on his responsibilities as President with the same enthusiasm and thoughtful management as his business affairs at Carrara Marble Company of America.

As president, Hogan was greeted by perhaps the greatest crisis in the history of the modern natural stone industry – the radon controversy. He rose to the occasion, working nearly full time with MIA staff to lead efforts to fight back against false claims regarding radon emissions in natural stone.

An article published in 2008 highlighted Hogan’s understanding of the gravity of this attack: “The misinformation campaign is driven through front groups that purport to be consumer advocates, but are merely trying to create consumer fears about natural stone. We must aggressively fight the unfounded fear mongering to reassure the public. It is important that we have all the legal, technical, public relations and marketing/advertising tools we need to protect the good name of granite and reassure consumers that granite is as safe as it is beautiful, durable and practical.”

Hogan’s contributions to the natural stone industry have been immeasurable.

His insights and understanding of the global stone industry, along with his contacts and prestige within the domestic commercial arena, have helped advance the work of the association within the architectural and residential construction disciplines.

He has pushed forward ideas to develop standards that would position natural stone as a consistent product to architects, developers, owners, and general contractors.

His goal is to ensure there is a conformance to established standards and a dialogue that people in the stone industry are working together. Despite the competition among stone companies, Hogan believes in the importance of working together for the good of the industry.

Long after the radon crisis, Hogan continues to contribute to the industry in countless ways, including reviewing technical papers and traveling to Washington D.C. for legislative visits on Capitol Hill.

Jim Hogan has been a true leader in the natural stone industry from the beginning of his career, and is an ideal individual to receive the 2017 Migliore Aware for Lifetime Achievement.

For more information on past recipients of the Migliore Award, please visit www.naturalstoneinstitute.org/awards/migliore-awards .

“Jim’s leadership during a very challenging time for our industry was unwavering and his continued commitment to the industry deserves recognition. We are proud to call Jim Hogan a friend and colleague and are pleased to nominate him for the Migliore Award for Lifetime Achievement.”

Scott Lardner, President, Rocky Mountain Stone

Jonathan Zanger, President, Walker Zanger

“His impact is felt every time you use natural stone.”

Robert Zavagno, President, The Cleveland Marble Mosaic Company

“As a leader, Jim Hogan has the courage to WIN. He has always been there and stands up for our organization.”

G.K. Naquin, President, Stone Interiors