From Left: 2017 BSI President Daniel Wood, Kathy Spanier, and 2017 MIA President Jon Lancto

From Left: 2017 BSI President Daniel Wood, Kathy Spanier, and 2017 MIA President Jon Lancto

Kathy Spanier was recently honored with the 2016 Person of the Year award that, among other achievements, highlighted her dedication to the development of Natural Stone Council’s sustainability standard for natural dimension stone - NSC373. As the 2018 recipient of Women in Stone’s Pioneer Award, Kathy continues to be outstanding in her field.

For more than a decade, Kathy, director of marketing for Coldspring, has made a powerful impact on the natural stone industry with her tireless efforts to position natural stone as a sustainable product within the building industry, and for her vision and leadership in creating a mentorship program to elevate women in the stone industry. Getting involved is not a new concept to Spanier. Over the course of her 35-year marketing career she has continually assumed leadership roles in a number of industry associations.

Kathy reflects on her own role in the Women in Stone program as a way to share her leadership experience with other women that helps foster and mentor their success in the industry. “It’s a beautiful industry,” she said. “There’s so much collaboration and networking, and having somebody help them and mentor them, again, it’s a great network of people. I’ve met many more people after getting involved in the Women in Stone program.”

Brenda Edwards of TexaStone Quarries and recipient of the first Women in Stone Pioneer Award shares this about Kathy’s most recent accomplishments: “She has chaired the Sustainability Committee for the NSC373 standard, and gone far beyond the call of duty for that. 

“She has also chaired the mentorship program for Women in Stone, and she’s absolutely wonderful.”

2017 BSI President Daniel Wood, Lurvey Supply, who has been active as a Sustainability Standard educator to the design community said, “Kathy has been quite a champion with sustainability efforts with stone and getting it positioned within all the green rating programs and our NSC373 standard, we truly could not be where we are without Kathy and her efforts.”

Jane Bennett, Executive Vice President of the Natural Stone Institute, agrees: “She just took charge, and she made that happen for us. That in itself is being a pioneer for the industry. Her leadership efforts were critical in advancing the standard.”

The natural stone industry is blessed with many talented women business owners and managers, but there is no doubt Kathy Spanier is one of the best of the best.

Dan Rea, Senior Vice President of Sales at Coldspring, concluded: “It’s hard for me to think of anyone more deserving than Kathy for this prestigious award. I’ve known Kathy for quite a few years and am blessed to be able to work with her and her dedication, her devotion, and her tireless energy for the industry and the people around here. It’s just been amazing. So congratulations, Kathy.”