The ATLAS Advantage: Park’s Offline Tool Measurement SystemMachine tools begin to experience wear and tear. It’s critical to manage your tools’ wear to ensure exceptional edge polish from your CNC router. Track your tools and understand when it is time to perform maintenance or replace tools. The tool life will last longer if proper maintenance is performed. Extended tool life and exceptional polish quality are the results of proper tool maintenance.

Offloading your tools from the CNC machine to a tool pre-setter will free up production time on your CNC machine and eliminate lost revenue on unnecessary processes. This increased efficiency will allow for projects to be fabricated on the CNC machine while tool maintenance is performed. The tool measurement system will pre-set the tools while the CNC machine is in operation, completing more projects in less time.

A tool pre-setter will streamline production and maximize your uptime. The spindle uptime is increased by offloading the tool measurement and set-up time. The set-up time is decreased because you will not have to run test pieces on your CNC machine. In addition, your tool life will be extended, resulting in lower tool costs. 

A tool measurement system will assist you in tracking tool life and in scheduling regular maintenance. Tools will be replaced in a timely fashion, and there will be no worry of running the machine with worn out tools. A tool pre-setter ensures that projects are worked on with a high-quality tool that is capable of providing the utmost accuracy to each project.

There are a variety of tool measurement systems available. The Park Industries® ATLAS Offline Tool Measurement System includes many features such as vacuum clamping, a touchscreen monitor, and surface inspection. The integrated base, complete with retractable castors, allows this unit to be placed just about anywhere. 

The ATLAS communicates with the router and will automatically send the tool information directly to the router to update measurements.

The ATLAS has a cast iron construction, high-grade bearings, and guideways that are paired with Omega’s advanced imaging system. The imaging system will provide a detailed report on tools and indicate how much longer the tool has left in its life cycle. The system will report charts and tool mapping to display where the tool has been worn down the most.

Scott Hanes, owner of Majestic Marble & Granite, shares, “The ATLAS by OMEGA has made the biggest impact in both cost and quality to our shop. We have extended the life of our tools threefold. By moving our tool measurement offline, we were able to increase our TITAN production 20-30 hours more a week.”

This new tool technology will measure, provide a full report on the tool’s features, and notify the operator when maintenance is due. The ease of scheduling tool maintenance with a measurement system will keep tools in the best condition possible for the amount of time they are in operation. A tool pre-setter offloads work from the CNC machine and gives fabrication shops peace of mind that they are using tools with the highest accuracy possible.

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