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Photo Courtesy Alpha Professional Tools®

Photo Courtesy Alpha Professional Tools®

OSHA’s Silica Rule went into effect on June 23, 2016, reducing the respirable silica PEL from 100 µg/m3for an 8-hour time weighted average to 50 µg/m3.

The rule was broken into two separate standards — one for the General Industry and Maritime (affecting employees in stone fabrication shops), and one for Construction (affecting employees working at jobsites in the field).

Employers covered by the Construction standard had until September 23, 2017 to comply with the standard’s requirements.

Employers covered by the General Industry standard had until June 23, 2018 to comply.

The Natural Stone Institute has several resources available to member companies to ensure they are in compliance with OSHA’s Silica Rule. They include:

Silica Exposure Control Plan.
Written primarily for the General Industry standard, this document is intended to be a template that fabrication shops can edit and revise to ensure applicability to their individual needs.

Silica Exposure and Employee Safety webinar
. This brief webinar provides and overview of silicosis prevention and the tools available to help employers ensure a safe work facility. 

Silicosis: An Industry Guide to Awareness and Prevention video.
This video explains what silicosis is and how it can be prevented. It explains the measures that should be taken to prevent silicosis. 

These resources and additional information on OSHA’s Silica Rule are available online at 


Silica Regulation Timeline


General Industry Silica Standard affecting workers in fabrication facilities goes into effect.


Construction Silica Standard affecting workers in the field at jobsites went into effect.


OSHA Releases Final Silica Ruling.


CISC releases study regarding the cost of the silica standard


CISC publishes “How OSHA’s Silica Proposal Impacts Construction”


OSHA and National Safety and Health Administration issue Hazard Alert about worker exposure to silica during countertop manufacturing, finishing and installation


OSHA began public hearings for proposed silica rule change


The Natural Stone Institute joined the Construction Industry Safety Coalition (CISC) and supported their effort both financially and with Human Capitol.


OSHA issued Notice of a Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) for Occupational Exposure to Respirable Crystalline Silica.