Natural Stone Institute Releases Quarrier Toolbox TalksNatural Stone Institute, in collaboration with the National Building Granite Quarries Association (NBGQA), has produced a new series of safety training resources specific to the quarrier segment of the natural stone industry. These resources are now available free of charge in the Natural Stone University.

Thirteen Toolbox Talks with exams and ten documents outlining best practices are currently available, covering topics ranging from silica exposure and equipment best practices to welding and personal protective equipment. Each resource focuses on maintaining the health and safety of quarriers. 

Natural Stone Institute Releases Quarrier Toolbox Talks“The addition of these quarry-specific resources builds on the extensive library of safety resources currently available to fabricators, installers, and stone distributors. The resources also reference key MSHA requirements,” said Mike Loflin, Industry Research & Information Manager for the Natural Stone Institute. Rick Dilts, NBGQA President, agrees: “Quarry safety and consistency has always and will always be a primary concern for all of us. Sending our workers home safely to their families at the end of the day is our primary concern. These training tools help us take a huge step forward in that goal.” 

Plans are in place to expand these resources further in the later part of 2018, with ten additional Toolbox Talks currently in process. 

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Quarry Toolbox Talk Courses

TQ114: Tool Box Talk- Eye and Face Safety and PPE Overview: Over 1000 eye and face injuries occur in the workplace every day. According to OSHA, these injuries cost more than $300 million per year in lost production time, medical expenses, and worker compensation. 

TQ115: Tool Box Talk- PPE Foot Protection

Overview: MSHA requires workers to use protective footwear when working in areas where there is a danger of foot injuries due to falling or rolling objects, or objects piercing the sole, or when the use of protective footwear will protect the affected employee from an electrical hazard, such as a static-discharge or electric-shock hazard. 

TQ116: Tool Box Talk- PPE Hand and Arm Safety

TQ117: Tool Box Talk- PPE Head Protection

Overview : MSHA requires head protection if there is a risk from falling objects or there is a risk from contact with live electrical conductors. Many hazards can be controlled with proper work practices and personal protective equipment (PPE).

TQ133: Tool Box Talk- Lockout... Tagout... Tryout! 

Overview: Ensuring equipment is at a zero energy state and the energy source isolated or rendered inoperative and cannot be re-energized is a necessary and required life critical process when performing equipment servicing and maintenance.

TQ138: Tool Box Talk- Getting On and Off Equipment

Overview: Quarriers use many different types of mobile equipment in daily operations. Workers should be trained in the proper use, including mounting and dismounting, prior to utilizing equipment. 

TQ139: Tool Box Talk- Suspended Loads:

Overview: The law of gravity cannot be amended or changed. However, what goes up needn’t come down, at least not on top of anyone.

TQ211: Tool Box Talk- Heat Illness Prevention  

Heat is a serious hazard in the workplace. Heat-related illness if not attended to can lead to serious and life-threatening injuries.

TQ212: Tool Box Talk- What is Crystalline Silica?

Silicosis is a progressive disease and there is no cure upon its onset, thus minimizing your exposure to respirable crystalline silica is the key to prevention.

TQ234: Tool Box Talk- Compressed Air Safety Overview:

Compressed air, as the name implies, is gas under pressure. If used improperly, compressed air poses several hazards and can even cause death.

TQ236: Tool Box Talk- Crystalline Silica Exposure Prevention Overview:

Exposure to crystalline silica often occurs as part of common workplace operations involving cutting, sawing, drilling, grinding/sanding and crushing of natural and engineered stone products such as granite and slate, and also in the quarrying of these materials. 

TQ254: Tool Box Talk- General Welding Safety Overview:

Health hazards from welding, cutting, and brazing operations include exposures to metal fumes and to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Safety hazards from these operations include burns, eye damage, electrical shock, cuts, and crushed toes and fingers. protective equipment (PPE).

TQ253: Tool Box Talk- Aerial Lifts and Elevated Platforms (Quarry) 

Aerial lifts and elevated platforms provide a quick, easy way to access elevated work areas. Unsafe use can result in serious accidents or death.